Privacy Policy

This app does not store any user data, logs or other data that can be seen as personal information.
Furthermore, the app does not use any code (SDKs) from Google, Facebook or any other internet company that earns money with your data. Your data belongs to you and this is why no data will be permanently stored.

Audio messages

From Lyd 2.0 on the app allows you to record audio messages over your Apple Watch and play them on your Sonos speakers. This features needs to be accepted once explicitly.
After recording the message will be uploaded to my server until Sonos fetches it and plays it (this takes only seconds)

The following applies:

  • Audio messages can only be fetched once by a Sonos with a randomly generated password.
  • After playing the message it will be deleted immediately
  • If something with playback goes wrong, the message will be deleted after 10min maximum

Technical details

To allow authentication at Sonos I have to host a small web application which is hosted at Heroku. When you authenticate through the App Heroku may receive your IP Address. All logs that are necessary to find bugs and other issues are not stored permanently. Also logs cannot be used to identify a user.

If you login with the QR code the access information (token) will be stored on my server encrypted until you Apple Watch has fetched it. After this the data will be deleted.

Developer information:

Alexander Heinrich
Eschborner Str. 23
61449 Steinbach (Taunus)

Any more questions? Contact me

+49 15678 574599

61449 Steinbach (Taunus)
Deutschland / Germany