Control your Sonos® System right from your wrist

Lyd for Sonos allows you to quickly control your playing music, change your radio station or to start a new playlist.

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The Core Features of the app

The App uses an Apple Watch first approach and delivers all features only on the Apple Watch. It allows you to control your Sonos system more quickly and more easy.

Control music

Play, Pause or skip to the next song

Change volume

Is the current song truly awesome. Increase the volume by scrolling the digital crown

Audio messages

Record audio messages and play them on any speaker in your household.
"It's time for dinner!"

Change the playlist

Start a playlist from your Sonos favorites

Set the station

Let your Sonos play radio by selecting any radio station from your Sonos Favorties

Group your speakers

Add speakers to your current group to share the music around your home

Seek in podcast

Jump back 30s when listening to podcasts or audio books

Multiple households

Do you have another Sonos system in your holiday home? The app allows you to control multiple households

Siri Watch Face

Siri knows when you want to use the app and suggests it on your Siri Watch Face

Frequently Asked Questions

See questions that have been asked frequently by users and early adopters

The app is available on the App Store. You can download it here
You need an Apple Watch and at least one Sonos speaker. The speaker should have the newest Software update and you should have a Sonos Account
Generally all Sonos speakers are supported (S1 and S2). Furthermore, the Sonos Amp and Port are supported as well.
Open your the official Sonos App on your iPhone/iPad. Go to More -> Settings -> Account settings. If you are logged in you can see you used e-mail address there
Checkout the help article in the App. If this does not solve your problem. You can contact me.
When you have a Sonos system that uses the S1 and S2 software in the same house, Lyd will show two separate households. You can switch between them in the app manually in the watch app to control the speakers.
Lyd is Norwegian and means "sound"
If you want to cover the app in media: Just send me an email or call me. I have collected and created useful assets here: PressKit

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