S2 Update

A major update for your Sonos speakers is available now
Lyd works with both Sonos software versions (S1 & S2). For more info read the section below.

Sonos S2

For most of the Lyd users the Sonos update to S2 should not create any issues.

If you cannot access your speakers after your update. The following steps might help resolving this issue.

  1. Restart the app: Open Lyd, Hold the side button until shutdown appears, Hold the crown.
  2. Logout and login again. Use the Lyd iOS App for this. Or if you are in Beta you can perform this on the Watch directly
  3. Delete Lyd and reinstall it
  4. In rare cases it can take several days until your speakers are picked up in the app

The App does not install on my Apple Watch

Sometimes the Apple Watch refuses to install new Apps. It's a mystery and according to Apple the easieset solution to this is to restart your Apple Watch and your iPhone. An even better solution is to open the App Store App on your Apple Watch and search for Lyd there. The installation directly on the Apple Watch works in most cases.

Playing music

Select the group/room. Than tap on the more (􀍢) button and select "Change music". You can select music from your Sonos Playlists / Sonos favorites. To sort the list differently press firmly on the screen. To add music here use the official Sonos App and add add to "My Sonos" or "Sonos favorites". This can be done with Albums, playlists, stations, songs, audiobooks. Podcast stations cannot be added at the moment

Voice messages

Select a room on which you would like to play an voice message. The room can be part of a group. Then tap the button on the bottom left and select "Voice message". You can record the message (up to 30s). Then you can select on which speaker in the group you would like to play the message. Caution: Voice messages are only supported on those speakers and newer: Sonos One, Amp, Play:5 (gen 2), Five, Beam, One SL, Move, und die IKEA SYMFONISK Tischlampe und SYMFONISK Regallautsprecher.


After recording the message it must be transmitted to my server. The sonos speaker gets a random access code and downloads the message. After this, the message is deleted completely. Nobody, not even me, is able to access your recordings, because they are protected by a password and very short lived.

Grouping rooms

To group Sonos rooms select the room whichs music you want to share across other rooms. Than tap on the more button and select "Manage group". Now you can select all rooms that should play the same music and tap the "Done" button at the bottom.


Since version 2.0 Lyd offers two different types of complications:
1. Complications that just open the app
2. Complications with text that show the currently playing rooms

For every watch face with complications you can find one for Lyd.

Independant Watch Apps

Since version 2.0 Lyd is an independant Apple Watch App.
This means you can delete the iPhone App and keep Lyd on your Apple Watch.
The iPhone App is no longer needed, but it can still be used for performing the initial setup.

The data from the Lyd iOS App does not sync to the Apple Watch App

Before version 2.0: Sometimes sync between iOS and watchOS fails. Please set both devices to flight mode for some time and try again afterward. If this does not solve the issue: Restart both devices.
Version 2.0 or later: Use the QR Code login or the login directly on the Watch

The app is able to show music, but not to perform any changes

This issues occurred with version 1.2.2 and the Sonos update 10.4. The recent update 1.2.3 fixes these issues. Your installed version can be shown on the main menu in the Watch App. Open it by using the button with the three dots

The App does not show any speakers

This is an issue that could have multiple sources. I will give a list of them:

  1. This has happened after a recent Sonos App update:
    For some users the speakers disappear from the app after Sonos has rolled out an update to the speakers. The only solution to fix this is to wait a couple of days. Sadly I cannot recommend any better solution, because its bound to Sonos update mechanism. If the speakers do not appear again after 5 days please contact me.
  2. The account details have not been synchronized to the watch. Try the synchronization button on the iPhone App.
  3. Sometimes people have multiple Sonos Accounts. To verify which is the one you used for your Sonos setup. Use the official Sonos iOS App and check Settings -> Account Settings. Otherwise you can also login on https://sonos.com and see if your speakers are listed.
  4. Try reloading the speakers by using force touch (press hard on your Apple Watch) and select "Reload".

How can I edit groups / change the music?

To edit a group or to change the music there is an extra menu hidden behind a force touch press on the control screen. So when you have selected a room press hard on your Apple Watch screen. It will open a new menu.

I expected something else. I want a refund.

I am really sorry to loose you as a customer.
Refunds are handled by Apple and you can apply here: https://reportaproblem.apple.com